Halloween 2011


My fiancΓ© and I carved a two headed pumpkin for Halloween this year πŸ™‚ two becomes one!


Kasandra Lee

Super-motivated Public Relations
student trying to make a change
in the Event Planning world!

via Kasandra Lee.

Bloggings a little “AWKWARD” but I love it!

Why not?
Since viewing the MTV show Awkward. I have taking a liking to blogging.
Who knows who’s reading? Who cares? It’s a great way to express ideas and create good SEO for myself in this big world πŸ™‚
So hopefully, from this day forward I will begin to jot down my thought, trials & tribulations and not just do it when I’m bored! Hence, right now I’m blogging in the Chic-fil-a drive thru line!
Bye for now.